RACO Expands Plenum Electrical Box Line

• 4″ square, 4-11/16″ square and 4″ octagon models
• Covers gasketed with PVC foam material
• Airtight knockouts
• To maintain plenum seal, boxes do not have ground
screw holes
• Drawn steel construction

Maintain code-compliance in plenum areas with RACO’s airtight Plenum boxes. Gasketed covers and leak-free KO’s meet the most rigid code requirements

Shield-IT­™ Push-In Wire Connectors

MC-PCS Lighting Control/Signal Circuits

RACO’s new code-compliant Shield-IT™ connector is for use in splicing
the double jacketed control/signal conductor pairs in MC-PCS cable.
The shielding wings provide the necessary separation between power
and control conductors inside of the electrical box or enclosure, as per
the NEC article 725.136(B) or 725.136(D). Its unique design lends
to a quick, safe, and secure installation. Perfect for dimming control,
low voltage lighting and smart building applications.


Transition Box

RACO’s Dugout box offers the quickest and easiest way to transition from flexible armored cable to conduit before entering the circuit panel.

Specifically designed for commercial applications, the Dugout box builds
on the popular concept of our Grand Slam box. This roomy rectangular model
features plenty of space for wiring along with 21 of our built-in STAB-iT cable
clamps, which hold up to 42 MC cables! Our unique clamps are field-proven
to install up to 3X faster than traditional MC connectors. Four concentric
knockouts are provided for either 3/4″ or 1″ conduit out to the circuit panel.
The Dugout box offers more labor savings and installation flexibility than any
other transition box on the market.

Hinged Mud Rings

For Faster Rough-In Electrical Work

RACO Hinged Mud Rings speed up installation while ensuring that devices mount flush to the wall surface. The hinged design allows switches and outlets to be attached to the ring first, which then swings out of the way for wiring. This frees up both hands for the installer. Design also allows the ring to mount
to the 4” square box without removing screws. Maintains code-compliant installations.

RACO Product Launches


Simplify Hanging Boxes and Positioning Conduit in Overhead Applications

RACO box support and conduit positioning plates offer flexible options for quickly hanging electrical boxes in commercial or industrial overhead applications.
Also provides a means of positioning for conduit exiting the box. Create a clean, organized and strong installation that saves time and materials
compared to traditional suspended procedures.